Eleanor Moreland

Hi, I’m Ellie!

I am currently a graduate student at Rice University in the Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences department ultimately pursing a Doctor of Philosophy. I am working with Professor Kirsten Siebach to investigate sedimentary processes on planetary surfaces. Currently, I am developing an algorithm to improve mineral identification from geochemical datasets. Future work will optimize this model for use on data returned from the Mars2020 mission.

Graduation from Washington University in St. Louis

I discovered my interest in planetary science and geology during my undergraduate career at Washington University in St. Louis. I graduated from WashU in 2021 cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Geology. While I was a student-athlete on the Varsity Women’s Soccer team for four years, I also participated in Earth and Planetary Sciences research under the advisement of Professor Raymond Arvidson in the Remote Sending Laboratory. During my senior year, I earned highest distinction in Earth and Planetary Sciences for my undergraduate honors thesis focused on the mineralogy of sand deposits on Mars.

I love participating in science, staying active, photographing my adventures, and sharing my passions with others!